Why Does Dominos Not Have Stuffed Crust?

For many pizza lovers, the stuffed crust pizza is a staple on the menu of their favorite pizza joints. With extra cheese packed into the crust, it’s a delight for cheese aficionados and a popular choice amongst patrons everywhere.

However, there’s one major pizza franchise that seems to have notably abstained from this trend – Domino’s Pizza.

Let’s dive into why Domino’s steers away from offering stuffed crust pizza, and how it positions itself in a market full of stuffed crust fanatics.

The History of Stuffed Crust

Before we delve into why Domino’s doesn’t offer a stuffed crust option, let’s take a brief look at the history and introduction of stuffed crust into the pizza market. Stuffed crust pizza was first introduced by Pizza Hut in 1995 and quickly became a hit.

Pizza Hut even owns a patent for their method of making stuffed crust pizza, which made it challenging for other chains to join the bandwagon without infringing on patents or paying licensing fees.

Domino’s Business Philosophy

Domino’s Pizza has long prided itself on a business model focused on simplicity and efficiency.

Unlike its competition, which pivoted toward menu diversification, Domino’s has maintained a more traditional approach to its pizza offerings. Below is a table summarizing key elements of Domino’s business philosophy:

Aspect Description
Focus on Delivery Domino’s prioritizes fast and efficient delivery services, investing heavily in technology and logistics to get pizzas to customers quickly.
Menu Simplicity Maintains a relatively simple menu to streamline operations and reduce complexity in kitchen processes.
Value for Money Offers competitive pricing by minimizing production costs and maximizing the efficiency of their delivery systems.
Quality Ingredients Focuses on high-quality ingredients for its existing menu items rather than expanding into novelty products.

Culinary and Operational Reasons

There are several critical culinary and operational reasons why Domino’s may not have incorporated stuffed crust into its offerings. Here’s a bulleted list of some potential reasons:

  • Complexity in Preparation: Adding a stuffed crust option would involve a change in the dough preparation process, requiring additional steps that could slow down service.
  • Consistency in Quality: Domino’s might avoid introducing a product that could potentially compromise the consistency of their well-established product quality.
  • Cost Implications: Ingredient costs and additional labor needed to prepare stuffed crust pizzas could lead to higher prices, which might not align with the value promise of Domino’s.
  • Pizza Hut’s Patent: As previously mentioned, navigating around Pizza Hut’s patent could be a legal and financial challenge.

Innovation in Other Areas

Despite not offering stuffed crust, Domino’s has not shied away from innovation. Here are ways they continue to stay competitive:

  1. Introducing Specialty Pizzas: Domino’s regularly updates its menu with new specialty pizza options, providing a variety of flavors to its customers.
  2. Investing in Technology: Domino’s leads in technological applications, such as online ordering, pizza tracking, and even experimenting with delivery robots and drones.
  3. Focusing on Consumer Experience: The emphasis on customer experience, through its rewards system and responsive customer service, remains a priority.

Frequently Asked Questions For Why Does Dominos Not Have Stuffed Crust

Is Domino’s Offering Stuffed Crust Pizza?

Domino’s does not currently offer stuffed crust pizza, focusing on their traditional hand-tossed and pan options.

What Crust Styles Does Domino’s Provide?

Domino’s menu offers hand-tossed, thin crust, pan, and gluten-free crusts.

Can I Customize My Domino’s Pizza Crust?

Yes, you can choose from several crust options and add various toppings to customize your Domino’s pizza.

Why Does Pizza Hut Have Stuffed Crust, Not Domino’s?

Pizza Hut introduced the stuffed crust concept and it remains a signature item, while Domino’s specializes in other crust types and pizza offerings.


In conclusion, while Domino’s may not offer stuffed crust pizza, it remains a giant in the pizza industry by sticking to its roots and focusing on its core strengths.

By understanding that its success does not hinge on any single offering, such as stuffed crust, Domino’s prioritizes what it does best – delivering hot, delicious pizza quickly and efficiently to its loyal customers.

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