How to Cut a Pizza Without a Pizza Cutter?

So, you’ve just baked a mouthwatering pizza, and it’s time to slice it up and enjoy. But there’s a snag – you can’t find your pizza cutter!

Before you let the panic settle in, we’ve got you covered with several alternatives to cut that pizza perfectly, with no special tools required.

Let’s dive into the practical ways you can slice your pizza without a pizza cutter.

Using Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors are a surprisingly effective tool for cutting pizza, especially if they are sharp. Here’s a simple guide on how to do it:

  1. Make sure the scissors are clean and dry.
  2. Slide the bottom blade under the pizza crust.
  3. Start cutting from the edge towards the center.
  4. Rotate the pizza and repeat until you have the desired number of slices.

Using scissors gives you a lot of control, and it’s particularly useful for deep-dish pizzas that can be tougher to slice through.

A Sharp Chef’s Knife

If you have a large chef’s knife, it can be just as effective as a pizza cutter. Here’s the best technique to use:

  1. Place the pizza on a cutting board to protect your counters.
  2. Hold the knife by the handle with one hand and place your other hand flat on the top blunt side.
  3. Rock the knife back and forth while pressing down to cut through the pizza.
  4. After cutting, wipe the knife to prevent toppings from sticking.

The key to using a chef’s knife is to use a rocking motion rather than a sawing one, which can make your toppings slide off.


A Mezzaluna Knife

If you happen to have a mezzaluna knife, it’s an excellent alternative to a pizza cutter. This curved knife often has two handles on either end and is designed for a similar rocking motion to slice through ingredients. Here’s how to use it:

  1. Place the pizza on a flat surface.
  2. Grasp both handles of the mezzaluna.
  3. Press down and rock the blade across your pizza.
  4. Repeat the rocking motion until all slices are made.

This tool is particularly effective for chopping herbs as well, making it a versatile addition to your kitchen.

Dental Floss or Fishing Line

Sounds unconventional? Dental floss or fishing line can cut a pizza quite cleanly without squishing the toppings or the crust. Here’s what to do:

  1. Select a long piece of unscented dental floss or clear fishing line.
  2. Stretch it tautly between your hands.
  3. Slide the middle of the floss under the pizza where you want to cut.
  4. Bring the ends up and cross them over the top of the pizza, pulling tightly to slice through.
  5. Repeat for more slices.

This method works best with thin to medium-crust pizzas.

FAQs About Cutting Pizza

Question Answer
Is it safe to use a knife to cut a pizza? Yes, as long as the knife is sharp and you use the proper technique.
Do I need a special kind of floss? Unscented, waxed floss works best for not leaving any residue or flavor.
Are scissors really a good way to cut pizza? Yes, kitchen scissors are a great tool, especially for thick-crust pizzas.
What if I don’t have a cutting board? You can use a large plate, a baking sheet, or any clean flat surface.

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Cut A Pizza Without A Pizza Cutter

What Can I Use Instead Of Pizza Cutter?

Use a chef’s knife, scissors, or a dough scraper for slicing pizza neatly.

Is It Easy To Cut Pizza With Scissors?

Yes, scissors can provide a quick and clean cut-through pizza with minimal effort.

How To Slice Pizza Evenly?

Measure and mark equal sections before cutting or folding the pizza in half to create symmetrical guide lines.

Can I Tear Pizza With Hands?

Tearing pizza by hand is doable but might result in messy, uneven slices.


Whether you’ve misplaced your pizza cutter or simply haven’t invested in one yet, there’s no need to let your pizza go uncut.

With these handy alternatives – from kitchen scissors to dental floss – you can enjoy your homemade or store-bought pizza with ease and keep each delicious slice intact.

Now that you’re equipped with this knowledge, let the pizza party commence!

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